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You should understand that by your use of this site, or by submitting your information to the company implies that you agree to the terms of the Company’s Privacy Policy.


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We are into the provision of a range of services which include; Email Marketing, Building Telegram Channels, Groups, Sending Bulk Telegram Invitations as Promised. However, we are not giving you the assurance that changes will be made on the price of the currency and also of your service having a good selling power or will be of a good sales. We also engage in the advertisement of services but the returns on the services are not determined by us, so we are not giving you an assurance of the returns or sale of such services. You should also note that the outcome or sale of such service is majorly based on the interest of the customer and ultimately the competency of your services.

AllCoinify is advanced Masternode monitoring system which helps masternode holders to know their masternode coin status at anytime. Every coin listed on has its own information page with all information in details. Users can check price in exchanges where that coin is listed. User will get updated coin details any time. Also User can create his portfolio of investment. Using Portfolio he can easily calculate his profit/loss in anytime. Also User can add his Masternode for monitoring. So When masternode will down system will automatic send notification to user about his MN status. Multiple Languages and Currency is available in website. User can easily change it as per his convenient use. AllCoinify Team implementing new features day by day. We are also listening from our users for make platform more better. We are trying to create better Masternode Coin Community with bright Future.

AllCoinify provide masternode coin monitoring and stat service. The Data on AllCoinify is for reference only. Make your investment at your own risk. AllCoinify does not recommend any coin and does not research on any coin.You can research by yourself and invest on your risk. Please follow Coin Community - Develoepment team while invest money in Masternode purchases.

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